Benefits To You

benefits of franchising

Few overheads

Express U.S. Business Group franchise businesses require few overheads and little or no experience.

The market for professional mobile services is massive

Our services cater for one of the largest consumer groups in the country. With a growing population, the market for professional mobile home services is massive. And as people spend more and more time working, leisure time becomes a very valuable commodity.

Operate from your own vehicle

Franchisees are able to operate from their own vehicle, thereby eliminating expensive overheads.

Many jobs can evolve into multiple jobs in one location

Services are so cost effective, many jobs can evolve into multiple jobs in one location, which dramatically reduces gas expenses and saves valuable time, thus increasing profits.

Take a well-earned holiday

Should you, for example, be sick or simply wish to take a well-earned holiday, relief cover for your area can be easily arranged.


Express U.S. Business Group offers a unique opportunity

Express U.S. Business Group offers a unique opportunity in the booming home service industry. Because you are running your own business, there are a number of tax benefits that may offer quite substantial deductions such as telephone, rent, car payments, electricity, water rates and loan repayments. We advise you to ask your accountant how to set up your business in the most cost effective manner.

Benefits are derived from our ability to pool resources

Due to the size of our organisation, many benefits are derived from our ability to pool resources. For example, you will benefit from large savings on chemicals, stationery, general equipment and advertising.