Master Franchises

Regional Master


If your skills are best utilized in a support and management role, Express U.S. Business Group makes this possible by offering Regional Master Franchises. Starting at only $49,950 per franchise, our Regional Master Franchises truly reflect our affordable entry philosophy.


Also known as an RMF, a Regional Master Franchise owns exclusive rights to a region. With these rights come the responsibility to be the first point-of-call for support for all franchisees within your region.


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City Master


If you are seeking an investment opportunity, then a City Master Franchise may be the ideal choice for you.


You will be responsible for leading, motivating and inspiring current and aspiring franchisees as well as Regional Master Franchisees. By guiding them in the Express U.S. Business Group systems, you are helping them—and yourself—achieve success.


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State Master


If you are a passionate, highly driven individual with business experience then our State Master Franchise may be the perfect opportunity for you.


As a State Master Franchisor, you will be responsible for elevating the brand name of your chosen divisions within the community while providing support to the City, Regional and individual franchises.


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